Hold-tap behavior


Hold-tap is the basis for other behaviors such as layer-tap and mod-tap.

Simply put, the hold-tap key will output the 'hold' behavior if it's held for a while, and output the 'tap' behavior when it's tapped quickly.


The tapping_term_ms parameter decides between a 'tap' and a 'hold'.

Simple behavior

By default, the hold-tap is configured to also select the 'hold' functionality if another key is tapped while it's active:

Hold preferred behavior

We call this the 'hold-preferred' flavor of hold-taps. While this flavor may work very well for a ctrl/escape key, it's not very well suited for home-row mods or layer-taps. That's why there are two more flavors to choose from: 'tap-preferred' and 'balanced'.

Hold-tap comparison

Basic usage

For basic usage, please see mod-tap and layer-tap pages.

Advanced Configuration

A code example which configures a mod-tap setting that works with homerow mods:

#include <behaviors.dtsi>
#include <dt-bindings/zmk/keys.h>
/ {
behaviors {
hm: homerow_mods {
compatible = "zmk,behavior-hold-tap";
label = "HOMEROW_MODS";
#binding-cells = <2>;
tapping_term_ms = <175>;
flavor = "balanced";
bindings = <&kp>, <&kp>;
keymap {
compatible = "zmk,keymap";
default_layer {
bindings = <
&hm LCTL A &hm LGUI S &hm LALT D &hm LSFT F

If this config does not work for you, try the flavor "tap-preferred" and a short tapping_term_ms such as 120ms.

If you want to use a tap-hold with a keycode from a different code page, you have to define another behavior with another "bindings" parameter.For example, if you want to use SHIFT and volume up, define the bindings like bindings = <&kp>, <&cp>;. Only single-argument behaviors are supported at the moment.

Comparison to QMK

The hold-preferred flavor works similar to the HOLD_ON_OTHER_KEY_PRESS setting in QMK. The 'balanced' flavor is similar to the PERMISSIVE_HOLD setting, and the tap-preferred flavor is similar to IGNORE_MOD_TAP_INTERRUPT.